Introducing Our Brand New, One of a Kind, First Ever Victoria Lesbian Ukulele Band

the LUkuleles!

Coming in May…Already 30 strong!

FREE one-on-one UKULELE LESSON with teacher and multiple instrumentalist extraordinaire Molly Newman for newbies joining our group.

GOAL One: To play in the Victoria Pride Parade on July 7, 2019

MAY 6, 13, 20
JUNE 3, 10, 17

TIME: 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

LOCATION: James Bay United Church, Lower Hall
511 Michigan St, Victoria BC


Need a ukulele? Try Island Collateral on Johnson St downtown or Tapestry Music in the small plaza at Bay and Blanshard.

Coffee Talk April 25


Thursday April 25, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Serious Coffee at Millstream Village

BY POPULAR DEMAND Coffee Talk comes to the Westshore. Look for your host Carolyn with the rainbow/pride table decorations. Fresh coffee or tea and pastries are available from your Serious Coffee baristas. Spirited conversation and a few good laughs are always available for free at Westshore Coffee Talk.

For those coming from Victoria, the commute is about 20 minutes by car–you should miss the traffic both ways.

New to town or just found your true lesbian inner self? Coffee Talk is a no pressure way to get acquainted with your community.

Be an Amazing Woman!

The Amazing Women of VLSCS! have made great strides this year!
Amazing amazon-size strides. Expanding to the fast-moving Westshore. Extending an invitation to renowned UK author, researcher and dynamic speaker Jane Traies. Exploring bright, new locations, like the Gorge Road Legion for a very powerful International Women’s Day Lunch. Introducing Sweet & Salty Salsa with Elisa Lay and the Lukuleles with Diamond Tooth Molly, Victoria’s First Ever Lesbian Ukulele Band.

Be an Amazing Woman of amazon proportions, too!

Join today!

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More info:

Viola Lately – a little bit of

Coffee Talk Original Blenders at James Bay United Church on April 8
Dancing and shaking at Gals Night Out
Vita & Kathleen volunteer at the door for Gals Night Out
Volunteers Mel and Morgan looking after the raffle prizes for Gals Night Out
Brau and Mo none the worse for a Gals Night Out
Joyce “the Voice” Allensen and the Soul Shakers rockin’ it at Gals Night Out
Never too old to have fun!

Popcorn + Movie

Friday April 12
Movie starts: 7:05 p.m.
James Bay New Horizons, 234 Menzies St, Victoria BC


8: THE MORMON PROPOSITION is “a scorching indictment of the Mormon Church’s historic involvement in the promotion and passage of California’s Proposition 8 and the Mormon religion’s secretive, decades-long campaign against LGBT human rights.”

WINNER Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA) 2011 DORIAN AWARD LGBT-Themed Documentary of the Year WINNER GLAAD Media Awards 2011 Outstanding Documentary

🙂🌈😀 After each film we encourage you to stick around to chat with us about the film or anything else. MOVIENIGHT@VLSCS.CA

COFFEE TALK WESTSHORE – Thursday, March 28


Thursday, March 28 – 3:00-4:30 p.m.
Serious Coffee at Millstream Village
BY POPULAR DEMAND Coffee Talk comes to the Westshore, and it’s growing as fast as Langford! Ask to be seated with your host, Carolyn. Look for the pride table decorations.

New to town or just found your true lesbain inner self? Coffee Talk is a no pressure way for all you gals to get acquainted. C’mon over to Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk Westshore is a lesbian-oriented social event. You do not have to be strictly a lesbian to attend, but you must call yourself a woman.

Disappearance at Board of Directors Meeting

Shake up, Mysterious Disappearance at Board of Directors Meeting

Directors looking for inspiration …
and finding it.
Working together to unravel mysteries of new phone!
Unscheduled UFL (Unidentified Flying Lesbian) Event Shakes Up Board
Board reacts quickly, sends selfie and friends request to UFL.
Last image of Board members before mysterious disappearance. Meeting adjourned.


Monday, February 11th | 11:00 a.m. FREE RETRO PINK POSTER 
James Bay United Church, Upper Reception Room, 511 Michigan St.

COFFEE TALKWhere the coffee is fresh (we make it ourselves), the tea is properly steeped (Agatha insists), and women and newcomers of all ages are always welcomed (that’s the way we jellyroll) at this lesbian-oriented chestnut.

Enjoy a coffee break with friends. Over the years, Coffee Talk has been a safe, welcoming place for lesbians new to Victoria as well as returning ex pats, and for the ‘shycomers’ newly identifying themselves as lesbian.

Coffee Talk Thursday: NEW to the Westshore! 

Thursday 31 January | 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Coffee Talk Thursday: NEW to the Westshore!
Serious Coffee-Millstream Village

A fun start on the Westshore! Looking forward to a great turnout in February. Members brought enthusiasm and warmth to the table. Don’t be shy to join us. Look for the rainbow table flag.