be an asset to your community

Rosie the Riveteer then and now

Yes, we can!

With your participation.

When Peg came to Victoria over twenty years ago, she had no friends from the lesbian community for the first two years. Then she heard about the Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society and the rest is herstory. She met her best friends and lover through the hundreds of events the Amazing Women of VLSCS! put on over the years, all with volunteer help and no paid staff. Now she thinks it’s her turn to give back.

Will you join her?

A volunteer position, sculpted to your interest, skill and availability, is waiting for you. Ask us about micro volunteering and volunteering from home. Or go all in on a project or a program or the Board! or

Our Web Team needs assistance. WordPress skills are an asset, but if you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach! Work from home.
People person for Volunteer Committee.
Band leader to lead music program.
Hosts for regular Coffee Talk meetings starting in September. 2-3 hours per month.
Public Education & Social Action Team – Make the world a happy place for everyone under the rainbow.
Party Animals for social events. Plan, setup, host.
Surf the web as a Lesbian Information, Education and Entertainment content finder for linking and liking on our Facebook group page. Work from your device anywhere.