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2019 Membership

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We are women who self-identify as lesbians and reside in the province of British Columbia.
We pledge to uphold the purposes of the Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society as contained in its Constitution & Bylaws.

Now 4 Ways to Register!
We use a sliding scale—memberships are based on the calendar year.

1. Register ONLINE with PayPal

Annual Membership

2. Register by MAIL
Complete the Membership Form and mail with your cheque to:
Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society (VLSCS)
Box 39022 James Bay PO
Victoria, BC  V8V 4X8

3. Register at an EVENT
Register your membership at just about any VLSCS event. Let your host know you want to be a member. Fill out a membership form. Pay with cheque, cash or e-transfer.

4. NEW! Register by EMAIL & E-TRANSFER
Send us an email with your particulars and interests. Make your e-transfer to

Special Consideration
Is a paid membership beyond your means? Send us an email with your particulars, or fill out a membership form at an event, or complete and mail the Membership Form here with a brief note.