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Membership is … Amazing!

As a member of the Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society, you are making a very valuable contribution toward ensuring safe, accessible, welcoming spaces for lesbians to congregate. You are helping to build community through education and social action.
You are an Amazing Woman!

50% Off  All 2018 Memberships

As a card-carrying lesbian, you earn –

♥  Bragging rights – you are a bona fide supporter of your local lesbian community;
♥  Voting privileges – only members in good standing may vote at meetings;
♥  Early & discounted tickets – VLSCS presents 50+ regular and special events each year;
♥  Access to Health Fund – only members in good standing may apply.
Choose your Membership option below. Pay with credit card or PayPal.

OR …

It’s easy. Send a quick email to with “I AM AN AMAZING WOMAN” in the subject line, and tell us why you would like to join us. We’ll give you a FREE 2018 VLSCS MEMBERSHIP (good until December 31, 2018), with all the benefits of a Full Membership!

Membership Options  – Choose One

SLIDING SCALE: In order to accommodate lesbians of all economic levels and marital status, we have a sliding scale for membership. If price is an issue, please choose the lower price from the drop down menu. But if you can afford it, we appreciate your full payment. In either case, we thank you! You are an amazing woman!
USE PAYPAL, CREDIT or VISA DEBIT CARD: Although we use PayPal to process your payment, you do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase a membership. Use your VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER or AMEX card or your VISA DEBIT card, per usual.

Yes, I am an amazing woman, but I still like to do it ‘the old-fashioned way’.
I’ll fill out the form by hand and mail it with a cheque to you. Here is the Membership Form in PDF format for printing and mailing.

To be a member, and an amazing woman, I must:

  1. Agree with the purposes of the Society as contained in the Constitution and Bylaws;
  2. Agree with the Mission Statement and the Statement of Principles as approved by the Directors and amended from time to time;
  3. Be a woman who is a self-identified lesbian;
  4. Be a member of the Society for 30 days before attaining voting privileges; and
  5. Be a resident of British Columbia.

As a member, I promise to abide by the VLSCS Constitution and Bylaws.