Health Fund

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 Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society
Health Fund

The Health Fund provides funds to low income VLSCS members for the cost of products and services for health related concerns NOT subsidized by other resources. We are happy to consider requests for members with proof of income below $30,000. Please check our eligibility list below.

If you are a VLSCS member in need, please login and complete the form here:

If you are unsure whether a particular product or service is covered contact  Confidentiality is strictly observed.

Amounts under $100.00 will be approved quickly with a receipt forwarded after purchase. Larger amounts are decided by situation, need and VLSCS funds available.

List of Acceptable Expenses:

  • – Vitamins, supplements ordered by physician, incontinence products, wound care etc.
  • – Prescription costs not covered by Pharmacare or other health plans
  • – Transportation to treatment considered
  • – Emergency dental care
  • – Arthritic, orthopedic supports, canes, support hose
  • – Initial first visit cost for physical therapy with balance by MSP
  • – Other expenses will be considered by the Health Committee

Funding for the above require:

  • – Application Form completed, e-mailed or mailed in
  • – For approval receipts must be sent to VLSCS, Health Committee, P.O. Box 39022 James Bay Postal Outlet, Victoria, B.C. V8V- 4X8. Receipts must be sent no later than 10 days after purchase to avoid being denied.
  • -Receipts must be from approved practitioners recognized by the Health Committee
  • – Receipts must be original and have the member name and date of purchase or service.
  • -Proof of income should accompany receipt. E.g. tax document, GIS subsidy

Application Request Denied: If all or part of the Health Fund Application is denied, a written reason for denial will be sent to the member.


If you are a VLSCS member and would like to apply for health funding complete the form here:


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