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vlscs Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care SocietyDelicious Seniors Cooking Lessons!

VICTORIA LESBIAN SENIOR CARE SOCIETY ( invites senior lesbians, queer friendly immigrants and queer youth to join us in a FREE cooking and community-building program.

LGBTQ All Colour Cooking

Want to:

  • Up your potluck game?
  • Make your greens tastier?
  • Stretch your budget?

We will plan our menus together, learn from Chef/Nutritionist Ellie Shortt and share what we learn with the community. Come to one set (menu/cooking) or all 3 and share the Community Event, changed to JANUARY 27th, 2018.

Participants may sign up for one or more ‘set’ – 1 menu planning and the same cooking lesson, as below:

  • October 14 and 25
  • November 4 and 15
  • December 2 and 6

Menu Planning, 500 Admirals Rd., Rainbow Kitchen, 10-12 noon, Saturdays.
Cooking Lessons at The London Chef, 953 Fort Street, 10 a.m. -1 p.m., Wednesdays

COMMUNITY COOKING EVENT – Come one and all January 27, 2018, Rainbow Kitchen,

500 Admirals Rd January 20 -All menu planning and organizing.

ALL are needed for the Community Event January 27, and it’s planning session January 20, 2018.

For  information and registration please contact Joyce Rankin,

Space is LIMITED to 12 participants.