Delicious Cooking

vlscs Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society    Delicious Seniors Cooking Lessons!

VICTORIA LESBIAN SENIOR CARE SOCIETY ( invited senior lesbians, queer friendly immigrants and queer youth to join us in a FREE cooking and community-building program.

Who wanted to: Up their potluck game – Make their greens tastier – Stretch their budget. 

 Menus were planned together, with the great creative assistance of Chef/Nutritionist Ellie Shortt (of Whole Happy). Planning & cooking sessions were  done from October to December. The  ‘Cooking Adventure’ was a great success & experience for 17 senior lesbians. Everyone came away with more nutritional knowledge, upped their cooking skills, how to listen to your body responses & be creative while cooking … .  Plus team cooking valued & new friends made! 

Thank You Ellie Shortt & Joyce Rankin for this amazing experience!!

VLSCS invites you to enjoy the “fruits” of our cooking lessons,
 by joining us for  a Community Lunch! January 27th, 12 noon sharp
 Rainbow Kitchen, 500 Admirals Rd

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