Hans Kai Health

hans kaiHey sisters!   The 2016-2017 Hans Kai ” Health School” has been a great success. Last public event:
                                    Nutrition Workshop 
             Jodi Holland, Reg. Dietician > Pure Nutrition Victoria
                   Yakimovich Wellness Centre – 1454 Hillside Avenue, Victoria   

Hans Kai Season Winds Up: Look at what we have achieved.

A group of 9 Lesbians met over the past year taking part in a series of 8 health related classes.  Classes covered topics including exercise, nutrition, relaxation/ mental health and navigating the health care system. Members also learned how to monitor their own health indicators-Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Weight and Waist Circumference.  A smaller group (7 members) continued to meet over the past six months to discuss topics such as Advanced Directives, Ear Acupuncture, “Healthy Brain workshop” and favourite recipes. They continued to physically motivate each other while swimming, learning how to Hoola Hoop and Nordic Pole Walking. The group has remained close and socially connected enjoying the positive focus of  sharing healthy living ideas. Our last formal gathering was April 29th, a cooking night / dinner with members of the Hans Kai Trans Group & Rainbowhealth Co-op.

“We have been encouraged to be somewhat more active, eat more wisely and to monitor our own health indicators. It has been nice to have a group to share health interests with. ” (group member comment, 2016) 

VLSCS would like to host another Hans Kai group if there is sufficient people interested. Please contact secretary@vlscs.ca if you are interested in more information or to put your name on our list.  Hans Kai Health is a member benefit. Join VLSCS today!

What is Hans Kai all about?

 Want to take control of your health, but don’t want to do it alone?   Hans Kai and the VLSCS* have the answer! What is it ?  A health and wellness approach, pioneered in Japan, which builds on the successes of a group learning environment.  Hans Kai groups operate much like book clubs, but with a focus on health: Members meet regularly to socialize, take Zumba or belly dancing classes, go for walks or hikes, eat healthy food and measure and keep track of health indicators such as blood pressure, strength and weight. “Hans Kai” translates to “group meeting.”