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The Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society is governed by a board of five to eight members who have various roles and responsibilities. Members sit for a two year term and are voted in at the Annual General Meeting typically held in October / November each year. The Board sits once per month to conduct society business.  Whenever possible we use a consensus model for decision making based on respect and equality of voice. Members are always welcome to attend Board meetings.

The Board meets at the James Bay New Horizons Seniors Center, 6:30-8:30 on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Members are welcome

Treasurer / Bookkeeper Volunteer wanted. Curious, get in touch!


2016-2017 Board of Directors
A. Reid, Chair 
S. Yeomans, (Interim) Treasurer 
H.Sutherland, Secretary & Volunteer Coordinator
S. Hallat, Director at Large
C. McIntyre, Membership Coordinator 
V. Fern , Membership Coordinator  

Volunteers: Cody Gregory (WebDev),  Movie Night  Fab 4, Liz Wooton, Coffee Talk Coodinator, Patti Parkyn, Webteam and Education / Advocacy representative.

Send a general message to VLSCS 

Mailing address:  Box 39022, James Bay PO , Victoria, BC, V8V 4X8.